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The telecommunications engineering company JSC Ingenium was established in 1996. It focuses on network hub technologies, business systems and tools for the optimum monitoring and operation of Mobile Operators – MNOs and MVNOs –, as well as fiber-mobile converging.


The latest developments included by JSC Ingenium in its business systems area make it possible to offer turn-key services for its customers.


JSC Ingenium’s portfolio encompasses a wide range of solutions for 3G & 4G Core Network infrastructure, Service Enablers and of course 5G. In fact, the company’s NSA (non-standalone) version of 5G technology will allow soft migration from current services to the next generation ones destined for all JSC Ingenium customers.


Substantial efforts in R+D are being made by JSC Ingenium, which allocates more than 45% of its own technical resources to this area. Nowadays the company is firmly committed to 5G technology and its absolutely disruptive philosophy, together with its capacity to create a new concept in mobile networks.


JSC Ingenium has a unique identity, with special characteristics that define how it understands the telecommunications business and its ongoing evolution, which are possible thanks to significant R+D investment in a well-defined product that is developed completely in-house, and to processes that significantly reduce time to market:


  • Highest level of flexibility in its deployments.

  • Complete focus on the effectiveness of customer solutions.

  • Based on technological excellence.


JSC Ingenium currently operates in 15 countries worldwide, from the Middle East to Latin America, including a number of European countries, such as Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Poland. The company offers its services to more than 60 different MNOs and MVNOs globally.

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