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Day 1: 16 November 2022


MVNO opening debate: The future of MVNOs - Where is growth in the next 5 years and how to differentiate?


1st round of Meet the new MVNOs


Debate on 5G: What's next in 5G development and why should MVNOs watch this space carefully?

Debate on IoT: Why is IoT business becoming attractive again?


2nd round of Meet the new MVNOs


Interview: Did Apple jump the gun by making iPhone 14 an eSIM-only phone?


Day 2: 17 November 2022

How can automation accelerate the growth of MVNOs?

Debate on digitalisation & new services



Interview: Advantages and foundations of a digital-first approach:


Enterprise Case Study: Delivering immersive augmented reality to travelers and tourists on the move


Interview: Accelerating MVNOs and enterprises who wish to take full advantage of 5G opportunities - whitepaper



Empowering a new breed of MVNOs


Regional expansion case study: Where next for MVNOs? 


Building the IPO case study:  Prepare your MVNO for an exit

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