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DEMO: Plan Design Made Easy

With Totogi Plan Design, MVNO marketers can create plans in minutes – without IT

Enhance your current BSS with services that will move your MVNO to the front of the pack. With Totogi’s Charging-as-a-Service platform, you can dig deeply into your subscribers’ usage habits and then dynamically create more personalized, compelling, and valuable offers for them – no MNO permission or IT support necessary. 

Watch this 2-minute demo video to see Totogi Plan Design in action: 

  • Discover how easy it is for MVNO marketers to create a specific plan, test it, and go. 

  • Find out how you can compare your plans to those of your competitors and leverage this intelligence to optimize your offers.

  • And take a peek at even more marketing-controlled configurations you can access that will be sure to rev up your MVNO.

It's time to SUPERCHARGE your BSS, with Totogi!

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