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Insights into the digitization of the SIM card

How to leverage innovative eSIM solutions

In a recent interview, we sat down with Andreas Morawietz, Head of Portfolio Strategy Software & Solutions at Giesecke+Devrient. Andreas shared insights into the digitization of the SIM card and its profound impact on the telecommunications landscape.

The eSIM Revolution: An Opportunity to Seize

Andreas begins by highlighting the growing presence of Embedded SIM (eSIM) technology in mobile devices. Leading manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have already embraced eSIMs, with Apple introducing eSIM-only iPhones for the US market. These are just the first in a wave of eSIM-enabled devices set to reshape the market. Already, approximately 1 billion eSIM-enabled devices are in use globally, and this number is projected to grow exponentially, reaching 6.7 billion by 2030. The immense potential of eSIMs is undeniable, and the question is not if but how businesses can capitalize on this opportunity.

Digitization of Products and Services: A New Era in Customer Onboarding

Andreas underscores the significance of digitizing SIM cards as a novel approach to customer onboarding. In today's fast-paced environment, companies need innovative, efficient processes to acquire new customers rapidly. Partnering with experienced providers is crucial, and Andreas highlights the role of G&D, a pioneer in eSIM management since 2010. With a track record of delivering over 300 eSIM management services worldwide, G&D's expertise and experience have been instrumental in facilitating the deployment of credentials across diverse market segments, including automotive, consumer, enterprise, and IoT.

Leveraging Innovative Solutions for Simplified Management

Finally, Andreas delves into how businesses can harness innovative solutions to streamline their operations. He introduces the Entitlements Service, a user-friendly onboarding process that simplifies device configuration and service activation. This service has the potential to transform the industry by reducing project timelines, simplifying commercial models, and enabling effortless integration of new use cases. Andreas emphasizes that partnerships and innovative thinking are key to driving these changes effectively.

Join Us at MVNO Nation Congress in Valencia

In conclusion, Andreas invites industry professionals to join him at the MVNO Nation Congress in Valencia. Alongside Gary Waite from Netlync he will explore the benefits, technology, and opportunities presented by combining eSIM management and the Entitlements Service. Among the innovative use cases discussed will be the eSIM Quick Transfer, particularly relevant for eSIM-only devices. This service simplifies the transfer of consumer cellular subscriptions between SIM cards and eSIMs.

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