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OpenCloudBSS on its real-time billing platform

Discover advantages of an unified invoice approach

MVNO Nation speak to Martin Kievit, CEO, OpenCloudBSS about its real-time billing platform.

Watch this video interview to learn about:

  • How a real-time billing platform enhances the customer experience for MVNO subscribers, and why is this particularly vital for MVNOs in comparison to traditional network operators

  • The benefits for MVNOs deploying a real-time billing platform, especially concerning customer trust and regulatory compliance

  • How consolidating multiple services onto a single invoice impact the overall customer experience and satisfaction for MVNO subscribers

  • How a single-invoice system benefits MVNOs in promoting additional services to their existing customer base

  • How a unified invoice approachs aligns with the modern trend towards converged services and the increasing demand by consumers for "all-in-one" solutions

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