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TAUSPACE on fullCIRCLE and 5G opportunities

Hear how MVNOs can take advantage of 5G and accelerate their businesses

Rajesh Hari Parsad and Ndirangu Kibata from TAUSPACE, joined the speaker line-up at MVNO Nation Live 22 to share their advice on how MVNOs should approach 5G to take a full advantage of the opportunities it brings.

Watch this event session to learn about:


  • What is fullCIRCLE and why do MVNOs need to know about it?

  • Single platforms vs integrating many applications: what are the advantages?

  • How is this convergent, hybrid, and unified platform advantageous to MVNOs?

  • CAPEX vs OPEX: How does pay as you grow model drive agility/responsiveness to client requests and foster innovation?


  • Interviewer: Ian Ginn, Founder & Director, IFG Consulting Europe

  • Ndirangu Kibata, Partner - Strategy and Growth, TAUSPACE

  • Rajesh Hari Parsad, Managing Partner & Founder, TAUSPACE

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