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Sky Peak Technologies was founded in 2020 with a mission to decrease data consumption and costs for Mobile Operators and Enterprise Consumers of Satellite Data through the progressive idea of intelligent content shaping before it is sent the "last mile" to the device. Over the past two years, we have developed our flagship product CORA. In 2020, our Proof of Concept was thoroughly tested through user acceptance testing, customer pilots, and proved the concept was valid and provided demonstratable results! With the findings from PoC, we built CORA Mobile EdgeSM. This on-device service deploys either as a white label app or the operator’s existing mobile app to their subscribers' phones. It enables the device to effortlessly rightsize the rich content requested for a smaller mobile device. This background application reduces data consumption by 35% to 75%! Cora Mobile Edge's content-rightsizing is the first of several "smarter" device applications developed by Sky Peak Technologies. Applications that will change the amount of data subscribers consume on their mobile devices, what operators can learn about their behavior, while improving both the top and bottom line. 

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