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5 April 2022




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Our next event will tackle how to build a digitally minded MVNO. We will look into digitalisation of an MVNO and how to optimise the digital transition. But most importantly, we will look into MVNO customers and their expectations.


We will discuss how the pandemic changed your customers' needs and appetite for receiving all services digitally and requesting further flexibility.  It will also explore the best practice examples of designing the optimised digital customer journey.




Fully digital vs. hybrid MVNO set up - Which parts of the MVNO should be digitalised? All of them or just some?


Case studies of digitally savvy MVNOs and their innovative customer offerings


Personalisation of customer experience and building tailor-made offerings 


Exploring benefits of utilising AI and chatbox in your customer care

Designing digital customer journey - From interfaces, through onboarding to customer support


eSIM utilisation and its benefits in completing the digital customer journey



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Mariano De Osma

CEO, Cuy Movil / Guinea Mobile, Peru


Birkir Marteinsson

CEO & Founder,

Amivox, Iceland

Richard Osborne

Group SVP Strategy & Commercial Operations, Virgin Mobile EMEA

Futoshi Sasaki

Deputy General Manager, Internet Initiative Japan


Gary Waite 
Senior Consultant, Global Gala Group 

atlas communications sl.jpeg

Othman Cheddadi

CEO, ATLAS Communications


Renato Andrade

Founder, Acqua Telecom, Spain

logotipo jsc version1 (1).jpg

Ali Boushehri

Director of Product Management & Transformation, JSC Ingenium

logotipo jsc version1 (1).jpg

Alfonso Reillo

Presales and Alliance Director, JSC Ingenium

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Mo Firouzabadian

CEO, Lifecycle Software, UK



5 APRIL, 2022

13:00 - 13:40 GMT

Panel discussion: Understanding a digital transition of an MVNO

  • Fully digital vs. hybrid MVNO set up - Which parts of the MVNO should be moved to digital - technical set up, servicing, etc. - or should MVNOs move to digital as a whole? 

  • Exploring benefits of a digital setup - The power of greater analytics (subscriber churn, subscription metrics, etc.), marketing & sales automation, CRM integrations, etc.

  • How to make a transition to a digital-focused company? Where to start?

  • Will we all move towards  AppVNOs? Is this a route forward to become fully independent from an operator? What are the benefits of this business model?

  • Moderator: Renato Andrade, Founder, Acqua Telecom, Spain

  • Birkir Marteinsson, CEO & Founder, Amivox, Iceland

  • Mariano De Osma, CEO, Cuy Movil / Guinea Mobile, Peru

  • Alfonso Reillo, Presales and Alliance Director, JSC Ingenium

13:40 - 14:00 GMT

How can a digitally savvy MVNO thrive in the fast-paced and competitive market? 

  • What difference can a customer-centric approach merged with an innovative digital platform make?

  • Putting customers in charge of their plans - benefits vs. watchouts

  • How can a right platform with improved technical capabilities and greater automation help with minimising time to market and enabling product evolution?

  • Empowering greater customer flexibility: Moneyback and referral programs


Mo Firouzabadian, CEO, Lifecycle Software, UK

14:00 - 14:20 GMT

INTERVIEW: Building and pricing digital tailor-made offerings 

  • What is the demand for tailor-made offerings?

  • How to build a digital pricing proposition to bring value to your customers and retain profitable margins - How price competitive can you be?

  • Are personalised plans enough to expand the number of your subscribers? Which direction should MVNOs digitalisation go (super Apps?)?

  • Utilising real-time data analytics and personalisation to improve customer loyalty


Richard Osborne, Group SVP Strategy & Commercial Operations, Virgin Mobile EMEA

14:20 - 14:40 GMT

Designing digital customer journey - From digital sales channels, through onboarding to customer support

  • Why is a clear strategy and understanding of your customers’ journey crucial to your success?

  • Which elements to prioritise while designing omnichannel interactions to provide lean and agile operations?

  • How to engage with your customers to provide best-in-class customer support? Cloudification & service additions

  • How can digitalisation enable MVNOs to offer innovative products and services using PCRF, DPI, and User Plane Function?


Ali Boushehri, Director of Product Management & Transformation, JSC Ingenium

14:40 - 14:55 GMT - BREAK

14:55 - 15:10 GMT

What are the benefits of an AppVNO business model?


  • Addressing connectivity issues and reliability

  • What are the benefits for a customer?

  • Can MVNOs thrive without the operators’ support?

  • Should one use AppVNOs to try out new business and service ideas or as a final offering?


Othman Cheddadi, CEO, ATLAS Communications

15:10 - 15:25 GMT

How to make your digital offering future-proof?

  • How to merge the digital approach with conventional marketing effectively without cannibalising the revenues

  • Understanding the market pressure, post-Covid reality, and regulations to define the best digital strategy

  • Developing the best "mixed" strategy in the new normal - “Going digital”, “eSIM” and “Family”


Futoshi Sasaki, Deputy General Manager, Internet Initiative Japan, Japan

15:25 - 15:40 GMT

eSIM - the missing link to full digitalisation (eliminating the last friction from the buyer’s journey)

  • How has the eSIM deployment impacted the telecoms sector over the last 2 years? What are the remaining obstacles to a wider deployment? 

  • What to be prepared for while enabling eSIM devices: operator agreements, provisioning, security, costs, etc.

  • What opportunities do eSIM present for service differentiation, new services enablement, and future-proofing your business? 

  • What potential issues one can encounter while planning their eSIM go-to-market strategy and how to tackle them? 

  • The impact of eSim on roaming

Gary Waite, Senior Consultant, Global Gala Group, UK

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