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Our series of events will enable you to gather hands-on tips and best practice examples across a wide spectrum of most relevant topics. Join us to learn, connect with your peers and explore our new formats of events.


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MVNO Nation Africa

16 – 17 July 2024

Cape Town, South Africa

This upcoming event will bring together the CEOs and senior decision-makers from aspiring and established MVNO companies, the leading operators, and the world's most innovative solution providers. Together, they share best practices, forge partnerships, and make deals.

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MVNO Nation Live

6-8 November 2024

Valencia, Spain


​This annual community event brings together the CEOs and senior decision-makers from established and start-up MVNO companies,  the leading operators, and the world's most innovative solution providers. Together, they share best practices, forge partnerships, and make deals.

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MVNO Nation Global Awards

7 November 2024

Valencia, Spain


Introducing the MVNO Nation Global Awards series – where we recognise and celebrate excellence, impact and innovation being delivered by the entire MVNO ecosystem globally including MVNOs, MNO sub-brands, and the service providers empowering MVNO businesses.



e-Sim Masterclass Masterclass OnDemand

How is eSim eliminating the last friction from the buyer’s journey and enabling new services?

Mobile Phone

Billing Solutions Masterclass OnDemand

Deep dive into different billing options based on pre-paid and post-paid business models, and their functionalities.


Cloud Solutions Masterclass OnDemand

Exploring benefits of migrating your systems to the cloud


Regional Expansion Masterclass OnDemand  

Where next for MVNOs?


Fintech & Blockchain Masterclass OnDemand  

How can blockchain and fintech revolutionise the telco ecosystem?




eSIM - Virtual Forum

The event provides valuable insights into the benefits of adopting eSIM, including enhanced flexibility, improved customer experiences, streamlined onboarding, and expanded service offerings. Expert speakers will delve into technical aspects, such as integrating eSIM into MVNO operations, covering provisioning, activation, and security. They will also talk about how eSIM empowers customers to switch between plans and networks seamlessly.

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MWC Recap 2024

This virtual event will center on the impacts of MWC announcements on MVNOs, highlighting new developments aimed at fostering growth within the industry. Expert speakers will share insights gained from exhibitions and demos, focusing on key takeaways such as technological advancements, 5G deployment, Digital Everything, and eSim innovations crucial for MVNOs to track.


MVNO Academy

This virtual event explored how to efficiently set up an MVNO and discussed the most common mistakes the new MVNO might make.


New Services


Explore which new 5G, eSim, and cloud services are in the highest demand and how fast-advancing digitalisation is expanding the possibilities.


IoT Business Model

Why is IoT business becoming more and more attractive again? 

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MWC Recap and 5G

Our virtual event focused on what was presented at MWC affecting MVNOs - what new announcements have been to help the MVNO industry to grow, and what our expert speakers have learned from the various exhibitions and demos.


Digital MVNOs


Best-practices, challenges and lessons learnt – how to build a business model that drives new subscribers and revenue.


5G Implementation

What will 5G change for MVNOs, and when will that change occur?


New MVNO Business Models

Part 1 and Part 2 


Hear from the new MVNOs in the market and find out what they are bringing to the proverbial MVNO party, what makes them unique, and how they work together. 


Sales & Marketing

Discover hands-on marketing and sales tips.


Strategy & post-Covid planning

Learn how your peers tackled the changes in the communications landscape and what they learned. 

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