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Best Marketing Campaign (MVNOs only) 

This category recognises creativity, innovation, and the originality of an MVNO marketing campaign's approach as well as its effectiveness with their target audience. This category is open to digital and/or brick-and-mortar campaigns created and active in the last 2-years. Judges will be looking for evidence of customer engagement, how the campaign has increased brand awareness and reach, its inclusivity and ability to resonate with a broad audience, as well as examples of adaptability and responsiveness by the MVNO to changing circumstances throughout the campaign’s life cycle. Please include the name of the campaign, duration, key differentiators, and results in your submission.

Best New MVNO

This category recognises a new MVNO that has demonstrated exceptional innovation, growth, and market impact within their time of operation (established for 2 years or under). Judges will assess criteria such as innovative business models, market differentiation, customer acquisition, product innovation, technological integration, marketing effectiveness, industry recognition, and financial viability. Nominees are encouraged to showcase their unique approaches to pricing, partnerships, customer service, marketing and more. What are your clients saying about you – include short testimonials that demonstrate customer satisfaction. Nominations should also include growth opportunities and aspirations for the MVNO’s future.

Most Customer-Centric Offering (MVNOs only)

This category recognises an MVNO that truly understands their customers and has therefore created an innovative and creative offering that meets their needs at the highest level. Judges are keen to see how your MVNO enhances the modern customer experience. They will be looking for examples of impactful offerings such as, but not limited to: bundled services, customer services, rewards programmes, etc. Nominations should demonstrate the ‘why’ for this offering, what is included, who it is for, ease of use, personalisation (if applicable) and what makes it different and a must-have for your customers. 

Best B2B Offering (MVNOs only) 

This category recognises an MVNO excelling in providing tailored, reliable, and innovative services for B2B clients, including SMEs, enterprises, and IoT businesses. Judges will be looking for examples of uniqueness, scalability, reliability, security, cost-effectiveness, customer support, industry expertise, and innovative value-added services that reflect the diverse needs of businesses in this digital age.

Most Impactful MVNO (MVNOs only)

MVNOs have a real opportunity to improve lives and societies. This award recognises an MVNO that has demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) excellence. Judges will be evaluating internal and/or external ESG practices and initiatives, and looking for examples of, but not limited to: best practice, innovation, equity, inclusivity, sustainability, etc. Nominees are encouraged to include in their submissions a clear mission, strategy, reach, technologies used, evidence of monitoring and continuous improvement, as well as any certifications, results / impact of the work thus far and growth plans.


Best Digitalisation Partner

This category recognises a service provider offering digital solutions that enable MVNOs to leverage cutting-edge digital technologies effectively, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth in this competitive telecoms market. This category is open to digitalisation partners providing innovative AI integration for analytics and automation, scalable cloud solutions, customisation flexibility, and robust security measures. Judges will assess the seamless integration of these technologies with existing systems and customer satisfaction levels. Nominees should include demonstrations of future readiness, evidence of ongoing R&D and adoption of emerging technologies.

Most Innovative Billing Solution

This category recognises a billing solution that stands out in providing unique, versatile, and comprehensive support for MVNOs, enabling efficient billing operations, revenue management, and customer engagement. Solutions should demonstrate innovation, scalability and compliance with industry standards and must have been implemented within the last 2-years. Judges are keen to see examples of capabilities, fraud detection, reporting, automation and future-readiness. Nominees are encouraged to share MVNO testimonials and/or use cases that show an implementation of the solution within the last 2-years.

Most Comprehensive eSIM Solution

This category recognises an eSIM service provider that has excelled in providing comprehensive, versatile, and reliable connectivity solutions for MVNOs working across various industries and use cases including travel, consumer applications, Industry 4.0 and IoT deployments. Judges will assess (where applicable) coverage, integration, security, remote management, scalability, customer experience, innovation, and industry recognition. Nominees are encouraged to share MVNO use cases and the impact of their eSIM solution on the MVNO services and target audiences.

Best Value-Added Service

This category recognises a service provider that excels in delivering value-added services beyond standard mobile offerings, enhancing the overall customer experience for MVNO customers through innovation, customisation, accessibility, and value for money. Judges will evaluate criteria such as innovation, relevance, customer engagement, integration, usability, inclusivity, security, and continuous improvement. Nominees are encouraged to share MVNO use cases and the impact of the value-added service on the MVNO offerings and target audiences.

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