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Unlocking eSIM potential for MVNOs
Virtual Forum


4 June 2024




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Discover the game-changing potential of eSIM technology for MVNOs at our upcoming event.

  • Gain valuable insights into the benefits of eSIM adoption, including enhanced flexibility, improved customer experiences, streamlined onboarding processes, and expanded service offerings. 

  • Learn the technical aspects of integrating eSIM into MVNO operations, covering provisioning, activation, and security considerations. 

  • Uncover new opportunities for service differentiation and revenue generation through eSIM. 

  • Hear from the fast-growing travel eSIM MVNOs

  • Discover the potential of value-added services beyond traditional mobile connectivity, such as IoT enablement and strategic partnerships. 


Join us to gain indispensable knowledge and strategies for harnessing the power of eSIM. Be part of the forefront of eSIM technology and unlock limitless possibilities for your MVNO business.



4 June 2024

10.00-10.20 BST

Keynote: The growth of eSIM - What is next?

  • How has the eSIM deployment impacted the telecoms sector over the last 2 years? Are GSMA’s predictions that by 2028 half of the connections will be made via eSIM accurate?

  • How will the new eSIM specifications affect the growth of the IoT market and related business opportunities?

  • What are the remaining obstacles to a wider deployment? 


Ankit Malhotra, Senior Research Analyst, Counterpoint Technology Market Research

10.20-10.40 BST

eSIM Onboarding as a Service Differentiator: Pioneering the Future of Digital Subscriber Journeys

  • Exploring how MVNOs can leverage the eSIM onboarding experience as a key service differentiator in the increasingly competitive eSIM market.

  • Showcasing advanced eSIM customer journeys, including Campaign QR and Carrier QR, to attract diverse market segments and simplify challenging use cases.

  • Understanding why eSIM orchestration will become central to digital onboarding and real-time customer retention efforts.

Fredric Liljestroem, CEO, 10T Tech

10.40-11.00 BST

Presentation: Unlocking Value-Added Services and new service offerings with eSIM - preparing for the new era of IoT market’s growth

  • Capitalising on the opportunities presented by eSIM to offer value-added services beyond traditional mobile connectivity

  • Leveraging embedded eSIMs for IoT devices to enable seamless connectivity in smart homes, connected cars, and other IoT applications

  • Exploring emerging markets and revenue streams through eSIM-enabled value-added services

  • How has eSIM changed the relationship between MVNOs and operators and other partners? Who owns the customer?

  • Identifying new partnerships to drive business growth for MVNOs


Noam Lando, Co-Founder & CEO, Webbing 

11.00-11.20 BST

Interview: Exploring operators’ perspectives on eSIM adoption by MVNOs

  • Operators' views on the impact of eSIM technology on MVNO business models

  • Key considerations for operators regarding eSIM implementation and MVNO partnerships

  • Challenges and opportunities perceived by operators in collaborating with eSIM-enabled MVNOs

  • Strategies for MVNOs to navigate operator expectations and leverage eSIM capabilities efficiently

Michel Zwijnenberg, IoT Go2Market, Odido Netherlands 

11.20-11.40 BST

Shot case studies: Simplifying International Roaming with eSIM - Keeping up with the growth of travel eSIM MVNOs

  • Understanding the value proposition: How sustainable is targeting the travelers' market?

  • How do travel eSIM MVNOs differentiate themselves?

  • Offering value-added services tailored for travelers, including access to Wi-Fi hotspots, navigation apps, travel-related content, and additional benefits such as travel insurance and airport lounge access

  • What partnerships are they seeking?

  • Addressing the challenges and opportunities in international roaming with eSIM-enabled solutions


2 travel eSIM MVNOs will answer the questions above

Filippo Perta, Chief Strategy Officer, BNESIM

Qun Su, Director, Yoho Mobile 

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