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Virtual Forum


16 April 2024





This virtual event will center on the impacts of MWC announcements on MVNOs, highlighting new developments aimed at fostering growth within the industry. Expert speakers will share insights gained from exhibitions and demos, focusing on key takeaways such as technological advancements, 5G deployment, Digital Everything, and eSim innovations crucial for MVNOs to track.



April 16 2024


MWC Recap - Virtual Forum

14.00-14.20 BST

MWC Key takeaways

Key takeaways from MWC:

  • Essential trends at this year's MWC for telco companies to grasp.

  • Insights from MWC's Journey to the Future: The latest developments in the high-tech arena.

  • Innovations in telco-related fields like FinTech, Mobile Commerce, Manufacturing, Sports and Entertainment, and Smart Mobility.

  • Medium to long-term impacts on MVNOs.

  • Shifts in the business environment and their implications.


Alex Lawrence, Managing Editor, 6GWorld


14.20-14.55 BST

MWC Key takeaways

MVNO ecosystem panel: Top 5 key takeaways from MWC 

  • What insights have you gained from this year's MWC and how will they influence your approach to the MVNO business? What do you see as the prevailing trends?

  • What are your key business objectives for the upcoming years and what were you specifically seeking at MWC?

  • Have you made any announcements or introductions during the event?

  • How do you anticipate these innovations reshaping the telecom landscape, and what should MVNOs focus on?


John Abraham, Principal Analyst, Appledore Research Group

Jignesh Dave, CEO, Next Communications

Muslim Elkotob, Principal Solutions Architect, Vodafone

Aleksander Tsao, Vice President Global Sales, PWG Network Solutions 

14.55-15.10 BST

Innovations & Announcements

Announcing new MVNO - Mega

Ewald Van Haver, Managing Director, Mega 

15.10-15.25 BST

Innovations & Announcements

Satellite innovation in practice - A case study of Horizon


Mario Colabufo, CEO & Founder, MC Holding & CEO, Horizon

15.25-15.40 BST

Innovations & Announcements

Exploring the success story of how MVNOs can tap into the automotive sector - A case study of Ubigi and BMW


Jacques Bonifay, CEO, Ubigi (Transatel brand)

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