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New MVNO Business Models - Part 1

Event recording


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New MVNO Business Models event recording - Part 1

It’s no understatement to say that there’s never been a more exciting time for MVNOs. The market was valued at US$70.3 bn in 2022 and is predicted to reach a remarkable US$147.7 Bn in 2032. Competition, therefore, is rife, with 90% of operators identifying this as their biggest risk. Today, consumers are willing and able to switch brands that don’t meet their expectations and there’s a growing demand for operationally efficient mobile network services that are flexible and provide full control to the consumer.


Our goal is to inspire and bring new ideas to the fore. We wish to share best practices and keep the innovators engaged. Therefore, the second Virtual Forum will focus on new MVNO business models and bring new MVNOs to the spotlight.


We wish to instigate discussion on how to solve common problems and open new partnership opportunities. Hear from the new MVNOs in the market and find out what they are bringing to the proverbial MVNO party, what makes them unique, and how they work together. 


Find out how they innovate, scale, ensure customer centricity, and much more. Standing head and shoulders above your peers is a necessity today, but, as we’ve seen, there’s a wealth of ways that you can do so.

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