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Actions you can take now to thrive in the new world

Learn what your business priorities should be for 2022 and beyond.

Get online

Those with the least well-developed digital journeys, brand awareness and effective marketing were the most adversely impacted by the pandemic. People have to know about your website to go to your website; they’ve got to know about your proposition to buy your proposition.

Uncover effective partnerships

If you were to write down the core capabilities of launching and successfully running an MVNO, the first item would be the ability to come up with new partnerships and successfully pursue them. They are essential. Without them, you simply can’t run an MVNO.

Be agile

In an industry that never sleeps, you need to ensure that you’re innovating all the time. Not dramatically, but incrementally. James Gray describes this as, “a gradual layering up of benefits and proof points that communicate to customers why your MVNO is the one for them”.

Keep your brand experience fresh

Richard Osborne, SVP Strategy & Commercial Operations, Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa, explains that their focus is all about making mobile better. Virgin do this by fully embracing the service experience that digital can offer and designing their customer experience so it’s as seamless and intuitive as possible.

Embrace digital ways of doing business

In a constantly evolving, forward thinking market, your customers will look for a provider that is not only at the forefront of technology, but who makes their lives as easy as possible. Explore what causes your users pain and use this knowledge to build on your experience. Think chatbots instead of queuing to speak to a human, or similar digital tools.

Stay alert to changes and the mood of the consumer

Never was the need for tapping into the mindsets of customers more apparent than during Covid, but this way of thinking and strategising can be used 365 days a year. Stop, take stock and evaluate exactly what they need from you in order to improve and even enrich their lives. That, at the end of the day, is what you’re here to do.

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