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Adapting to the Changing Face of eCommerce

MVNOs simply can’t afford to not have a strong online presence

In the wake of Covid, customer behavior has undergone significant transformation. Martin Kievit, CEO of OpenCloudBSS, sheds light on crucial factors businesses should focus on, such as cart abandonment and the necessity of a strong online presence.

A Strong Online Presence is Non-Negotiable

The pandemic has driven a surge in online purchases, with 71% of UK customers now buying more online than before. MVNOs must recognize the shift and establish a robust online presence. Offering diverse payment options, including mobile money solutions, is essential, as customers prefer their preferred mode of payment.

Pay Close Attention to Shopping Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a critical issue to address. Customers abandon carts due to hidden costs and slow delivery. A streamlined checkout process that captures necessary data without overwhelming users is essential. Balancing data collection with a smooth experience is key.

Your Website is Your Shop Window

Your website represents your brand's identity and user experience. It must align with your brand's essence and customer expectations. Simplicity and user-friendliness, like Apple's approach, can foster trust and recognition. Coherence should extend from the website to e-commerce and customer experience.

A Tailored Approach to Payments

One-size-fits-all payment options no longer suffice. Telcos offering only a single payment option lag behind competitors. By embracing diversity in payment methods and optimizing the checkout process, businesses can excel in the ever-changing e-commerce landscape.

To learn more about eCommerce opportunities for MVNOs, watch MVNO Nation's latest event session showcasing the changing face of eCommerce. The session offers insights into how to define the best business strategy to thrive in eCommerce, and how to implement it.

Watch the event session here.

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