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Addressing IoT needs in the emerging markets

New MVNO - Al-Sahl Telecom Libya case study

Adel Hejaaji, Project Manager, Al-Sahl Telecom Libya shares the story of the first MVNO in Libya.

About Libyan market

Libya, a vast country with a population of less than 7 million, spans an area of about 2 million square kilometers. There are only two major MNOs in the country, and competition is intense between them. Al-Sahl Telecom is in the process of negotiating a commercial agreement with one of them, aiming to become the third established telco player in the country. However, as is typical for newcomers, establishing a working relationship with the incumbent MNO takes time. The company is hopeful to finalise all the agreements in 2024.

Who is Al-Sahl Telecom? 

Al-Sahl Telecom belongs to the largest private group in the country, Sahel Holding Company. This group, with over 4,000 employees, operates across various sectors. The telecommunications sector was launched just last year and encompasses several verticals, including MVNO. These projects are in their early stages, and the company is seeking solutions, advice, and vendors for their successful implementation

What do they offer? 

Their objective is to enhance customer convenience through IoT, overcoming challenges like infrastructure limitations. They target sectors such as healthcare, education, payment and banking, e-payment, e-commerce, and more for IoT implementation, aspiring to elevate these domains. Taking primary schools as a case study, their initiative seeks to improve the educational experience.

In the future, they aim to inaugurate their network by September 2024 and leverage IoT across diverse facilities. Their primary focus areas include health services, education, microfinance, and border utilities.

What is the opportunity? 

Collaborating with the company offers several benefits as it stands as the largest private entity with a robust infrastructure. The collaboration ensures efficient customization, cost-effectiveness, and smooth engagement with vendors.

This opportunity is perceived as highly valuable for the company. Given the company's involvement in diverse sectors, there's an opportunity to discover synergies and IoT applications within their industries. While IoT may not serve as the primary revenue source, it holds the potential to play a crucial role in advancing and developing other sectors. 

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