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B2B MVNOs are on the rise

New MVNO - Nexys Mobile case study

Robert Frantz, CEO of Nexys Mobile, shares the story of Nexys Mobile, whose origins are not strictly in the telco sector but in the enterprise space. Hence, the company boasts a deep understanding of the needs of its customers.

About the B2B space

Robert, echoing sentiments expressed by other speakers at MVNO Nation Live, perceives a considerable opportunity in serving SMEs. The experts advocate that while the consumer market may be saturated, MVNOs have significant potential in targeting SMEs, thereby presenting an opportunity for B2B launches. Furthermore, they stress the revenue potential in converting fixed telephony users to mobile, highlighting the substantial business opportunity inherent in this transition. Those opportunities exist for MVNOs across both mature and emerging markets.

What are the challenges of SMEs when it comes to telco providers?

The challenge for small businesses is that larger service providers often don't prioritize them due to the perceived difficulty and cost. That results in limited offers and high costs of services.

Drawing from personal experiences, the speaker also highlighted the challenges faced in a mobile-first company where communication primarily occurs through personal cell phones. While this approach initially fosters seamless communication, it eventually becomes burdensome as employees are constantly accessible to customers and suppliers. Instead of focusing solely on data packages, the speaker emphasizes the importance of creating services that cater to the dual roles individuals often play as consumers and workers, especially in the context of small business ownership. The goal is to enhance the overall user experience by acknowledging and accommodating the demands of this dynamic landscape.

What makes Nexys Mobile stand out?

Based on his experience of being an SME, Robert believes it's crucial to devise a streamlined onboarding process that is user-friendly and can organically expand from existing users. Hence, their approach is to create a simple offering that can naturally grow with the users as their business and number of employees grow.

They aim to develop business features that traditional plans lack, while also providing users with the ability to separate their personal and work lives on a single device. The goal is to eliminate the need for carrying two phones and enable communication on one device while maintaining separation, especially during leisure time or late hours. The focus is on incorporating essential business features such as call parking, call forwarding, and user management, ensuring simplicity in tasks like adding or removing users and changing plans. At the core of their service lies the concept of unlimited voice, data, and text, with no restrictions, caps, or throttling.

Their focus on unlimited services extends beyond basic offerings, aiming to provide additional value through their plans. By positioning themselves as a service company rather than just a mobile carrier, they envision a range of possibilities for enhancing user experience and managing various aspects of business operations. The current plan structure includes options tailored for individuals, teams, travelers, and families, each offering specific features like second phone lines, mobile device management (MDM), cloud PBX, and global roaming. With global roaming, they aim to provide seamless connectivity for travelers, partnering with co-working spaces and ease providers to ensure instant connection upon arrival in a new location. Additionally, they recognize the convenience of consolidating family plans with individual subscriptions, simplifying billing and management processes for users transitioning between employment and personal accounts.

What is next?

Looking ahead, they envision leveraging customer data to enhance service offerings, such as providing automatic notifications based on users' whereabouts and schedules. Integrating AI into their communication platform opens up further possibilities, from automated reminders to making reservations, all aimed at improving user experience.

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