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Case study: Nayar Systems' Smart Elevator

Nayar Systems incorporates Alai Secure technology to deliver the smart elevator.


Nayar Systems is a telecommunications engineering company specializing in the elevator sector and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Founded in 2007 and with 100% Spanish capital, in 2021 it serves approximately 11% of the communications of connected elevators in Spain. In 2011 it begins its internationalization process and begins its operation in Germany. Nayar is present in 31 countries and has a strong presence in Europe, especially in Portugal, and now also in China, where in 2020 it inaugurated its new delegation in Shanghai from which to attend its expansion through the Asian continent.

In 2006, the EN81-28 standard enters into force at European level. This standard includes for the first time the emergency call in elevators and forklifts. The new regulations establish that elevators must have an alarm system that allows two-way communication between users trapped in an elevator and the rescue service. At the push of a button, a user trapped in the elevator can contact by phone to communicate the incident with the elevator maintenance company, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, the regulations specify that every 72 hours a test call must be made to verify the correct functioning of the elevator. Every 72 hours the equipment automatically sends a signal to the control center to confirm that it is in order and operating normally.


The main challenge that Nayar Systems must assume is to offer aguaranteed response to the new standard EN81-28, including the need to deploy a communication solution between the elevator and the control center that allows making the “emergency call” and sending the test or “keep alive” signal every 72 hours, to verify the correct operation of the elevator. A solution that must guarantee 100% of communications and ensure that they are carried out safely against possible malicious attacks from third parties.

Download the case study to learn about the solution that Nayar Systems successfully utilised.


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