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Case study: URJC's Smart Campus

Learn all about IoT pilot project on LoRaWAN technology application.


URJC (Rey Juan Carlos University), in Spain, signs an agreement through the SMART E2 Chair with Alai Secure and Redexia for the realisation of a pilot project on LoRaWAN technology (Low Range Wide Area Network) for the measurement of air quality in classrooms.

SmartCampus LoRaWAN project aims to deploy sensors on the LoRa network for the measurement of air quality with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing the return of students to classes with guarantees after the period of confinement caused by the COVID 19 crisis.


To deploy a LoRa network that allows to collect the signal of the sensors deployed in the facilities of the Fuenlabrada Campus of the URJC and transmit them securely to the university network for its monitoring and further processing, which will allow in turn to optimise the operation of the existing control systems on the same campus.This pilot project is part of the URJC's plan to create an open and accessible LoRa network infrastructure, to serve as a laboratory for their research teams and to enable the deployment of new IoT telemetry sensors in the future for water quality and control, fire control and prevention, security, intelligent parking management, waste management... thus promoting the creation of an energy-efficient, safe, healthy and sustainable SmartCampus that is able to improve the quality of life throughout the ecosystem of the University for students, teaching staff, researchers, administration, services,


Download the case study to learn about the solution that URJC successfully utilised.


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