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Catering to eco-conscious consumers

New MVNO - Undo case study

Laurent Bataille, General Manager of Undo, shares an exciting story about the first MVNO fully designed with eco-design principles in place, with a mission to help our planet.

About the Belgian market

Laurent is optimistic about growth prospects in the Belgian market, underscoring the evolving demographics. He points out the emergence of millennials and Gen Z, who prioritize meaningful experiences, transparency, and quick solutions. Discussions on digital onboarding and fully digital MVNO solutions resonate with this demographic, highlighting a preference for experiential value over mere functionality. Global trends, exemplified by YouTube, underscore this shift in consumer behavior.

Digitalisation is a megatrend, but let’s not forget about sustainability

The report by UNESCO, which emphasizes sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity as top global challenges, is widely known. Consumers are increasingly prioritizing products and services that address these issues. There is a growing awareness of environmental sustainability and circular business models, resulting in the emergence of eco-labels such as D Corp and CO2 neutrality certifications. Brands like Patagonia and Fairphone serve as examples of sustainability initiatives, while the telecom industry also participates in carbon markets and carbon credits competition.

Here comes Undo

In Belgium, operators primarily engage in price or content-based competition. However, there's currently a lack of significant differentiation among operators, leading the new generation to perceive little added value in them. Undo, launched almost three months ago, emerges as the first telco provider with a mission to reduce ecological and climate impact, making it the inaugural carbon-neutral operator in Belgium. Transparency is paramount, with a commitment to aligning practices with the values of the younger generation. They empower users to measure, reduce, and compensate for their telco activities while integrating eco-design principles into their brand and operations. Continuous efforts are made to reduce their footprint through digital onboarding and a CO2-conscious value chain to ensure transparency for users. Ultimately, the focus remains on people, prioritizing customer-centricity and striving to make a positive impact on their lives.

What makes them unique?

The company aims to contribute to environmental efforts by implementing its Undo ecosystem, built upon three pillars. 

Firstly, Undo Telecom provides voice and data services building their customer database who seek environmental change.

The second pillar is called Undo Removal which is based on an App. The Undo Removal App automatically calculates users' telco emissions on a real-time basis, allowing them to track and reduce their carbon footprint. Users receive a monthly CO2 offset allowance based on their subscription type, supported by certified carbon credits and sustainable technologies. They can choose from various CO2 offset projects on a monthly basis to mitigate their emissions.

The last pillar is designed to bring about lasting environmental change and empower the poorest communities affected by it. The Undo Forest initiative involves acquiring land in Congo for reforestation, starting with a 25-hectare plot that can expand to create a natural carbon sink. Users contribute monthly to tree planting, supporting local communities by purchasing "green atoms" for various social initiatives like healthcare, education, and agriculture. Users can track their contributions and the community's impact through the app or portal, promoting transparency and engagement.

What lies ahead for the future?

Undo’s subscriber base is steadily growing and we are looking forward to sharing with you the latest updates on their performance and projects delivered in the coming months. 

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