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Danielle Royston on cloud-based software

Lear how you could improve the subscriber experience with a personalised software

Danielle Royston, CEO and Founder, TelcoDR & Acting CEO, Totogi, opened the MVNO Nation Live 22 with a keynote session about how MVNOs can rev up their businesses by driving a personalised subscriber experience.

MVNOs often use low price positioning to win subscribers, resulting in the dreaded ‘race to the bottom’ and commoditising what should be the crown jewel – the network! But it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to the power of the public cloud, MVNOs now have game-changing opportunities to use world-class, carrier grade, cloud-based software to gain real-time insights and create highly personalised, superior, subscriber experiences – all priced by the use. This kind of technology has historically been out of reach of MVNOs – but now it’s fast, incredibly cost-effective, easy to integrate, and gives MVNOs the ability to differentiate their business.

Danielle Royston, CEO and Founder, TelcoDR & Acting CEO, Totogi

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