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giffgaff is 1,000 times faster with AWS

Learn about public cloud

In 2020, award-winning British MVNO giffgaff decided to go all-in on the public cloud with AWS. The bold move sped its software release process by 1000x, allowing it to focus on what matters: its members. Now the company is an all-star player in customer service and cloud innovation.

In this episode, giffgaff’s Chief Operating and Technology Officer Steve McDonald shares the inside story about how the courageous move happened, the challenges giffgaff faced along the way, and lessons learned that other telcos should know. Click play to hear our conversation about:

How technical debt was strangling the business [02:20];

How long it took to see release success and code improving [07:37];

What prompted giffgaff to speed its move to AWS [09:18];

What it did reel in cloud costs [12:17]; and

What Steve would do differently if he did it all over again [15:35].


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