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How to Grow with the IoT Device Market

MVNOs can offer the IoT world so much more than connectivity. Here’s your strategy guide.



The IoT market is booming, with 43 million sensors already in action. So with all that demand for connectivity, why do MVNOs have to struggle to build a stable IoT customer base?


This info-packed resource from PortaOne has the answer – and the solution. A Telco’s Guide to Growing with the IoT Market shines a light on the SIM card “commodity problem” and offers a clear strategy for breaking free from it. PortaOne helps telecoms and ISPs all over the world optimize their customer management, integrate their business processes, and launch flexible, powerful billing and charging systems that can evolve with their market. With this 12-page guide, these experts tap into 20 years of innovation experience to provide a simple, step-by-step roadmap for building relationships with local IoT startups, accelerating their path to revenue, and growing alongside them for mutual benefit. You’ll learn why affordable SIM card pricing is not enough to gain a secure foothold in this challenging sector, and how you can become an essential resource for new IoT ventures by increasing their success rate and drastically reducing their go-to-market time with the help of a field-tested IoT “rapid deployment” hardware kit.


The IoT clock is ticking. Find out how to become a vital long-term partner for IoT startups while they still need your help.



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