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Interview: Digital transition of an MVNO

Mariano De Osma talking about how to make a transition to a digital-focused company

Interview with Mariano De Osma, CEO, Cuy Movil /Guinea Mobile, Peru

Understanding a digital transition of an MVNO

  • Fully digital vs. hybrid MVNO set up - Which parts of the MVNO should be moved to digital - technical set up, servicing, etc. - or should MVNOs move to digital as a whole?

  • Exploring benefits of a digital setup - The power of greater analytics (subscriber churn, subscription metrics, etc.), marketing & sales automation, CRM integrations, etc.

  • How to make a transition to a digital-focused company? Where to start?

  • Will we all move towards AppVNOs? Is this a route forward to become fully independent from an operator? What are the benefits of this business model?

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