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Interview with Santiago Gómez, JSC Ingenium

Learn about MVNOs within the IoT ecosystem

MVNO Nation speak to Santiago Gómez, EMEA Sales Director at JSC about MVNOs play in the IoT ecosystem and Alai technology.

Watch this video interview to learn about:

  • What role should MVNOs play in the IoT ecosystem?

  • What are your predictions of the coming years and why should MVNOs be interested in entering the IoT market?

  • You mentioned LoraWan in your presentation - can you expand on that. Do you think that MVNOs should look for more alternative solutions to traditional networks?

  • Tell us about the case study you wish to share, and why did you choose this particular case study?

  • What was, in your opinion, the deciding factor in the success of Alai in the IoT business?

  • Alai focuses on multiple verticals and many of our MVNOs wonder how scalable the IoT business is, so can you let me know how Alai were scaling up their business? Which verticals they started with and how they expanded?

  • Coming back to alternative solutions and about the technologies and platforms that Alai uses? How did they integrate all the technologies to cater to multiple, often quite different, customers?

  • If you were to give one advice to MVNOs that are just starting with IOT what would that be?

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