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Key takeways from the MVNO Nation Live

Telavox on Value Adding B2B services that can help differentiate

In the latest video interview, we sat down with Andy Brunt, Global Sales Manager - Service Provider at Telavox, to delve into the realm of MVNOs. During this insightful conversation, Andy shared his reflections on the recent MVNO Nation Live 2023 event, providing genuine insights into key trends and valuable takeaways shaping the future of the telecom industry.

Watch this interview to discover:

  • Key trends that stood out at the MVNO Nation Live event

  • The most interesting moments from the panel discussion where Björn Palm joined the conversation on 'Enabling new types of enterprises, SMEs, and retailers seeking connectivity'

  • Top insights from Tor Blomdell's round table on 'Entering an SMEs market - How to capture B2B opportunities'

  • Why should MVNOs pursue the SME segment - a topic extensively discussed during the conference

  • Examples of Value-Adding B2B services an MVNO can offer to stand out and not solely compete on price

  • General reflections on the MNL23 event

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