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Pioneering Web3 MVNO

New MVNO - fliggs case study

MVNO Nation Live report fliggs mobile 

In this chapter, Stefan Riedel, CEO of fliggs mobile, shares the story of fliggs mobile—a pioneering  MVNO—converging mobile, wireless services, and Web3. 

About Web3 

Web3 represents the future of the internet, characterised by a fundamental distinction. Unlike its predecessors, Web3 is built on decentralised networks. In today's digital landscape, large corporations like Google and Facebook possess vast amounts of personal data and assets, often without users' knowledge or control. This centralised control over data presents significant concerns amid increasing digitalisation. However, Web3 offers a solution by empowering individuals with control over their data and assets, shifting the balance of power away from monolithic entities and towards individual users. This shift towards decentralisation could transform finance, gaming, supply chain, and social media, fostering innovation and reshaping user-platform dynamics. 

How does it translate into MVNOs world? 

In the Web3 era, MVNOs have a unique opportunity to leverage blockchain technology to enhance their platforms and offerings. By integrating blockchain, MVNOs can provide decentralized identity management, secure transactions, and true ownership of digital assets and data, thereby improving security, transparency, and trust for their users. Additionally, the adoption of tokenization and cryptocurrencies enables MVNOs to introduce innovative loyalty programs, facilitate micropayments for data usage, and create new revenue streams while fostering greater customer engagement.  Furthermore, partnering with developers to integrate decentralized applications (DApps) into MVNO  platforms allows users to access a diverse range of decentralized services and applications,  empowering MVNOs to differentiate themselves in the rapidly evolving decentralized digital economy. 

Here comes fliggs mobile 

fliggs mobile is a Swiss-American startup already operating within this territory and is poised to launch its app in the summer of 2024. It underscores the fact that Web3 is already omnipresent and will soon become mainstream. The approach is to democratize Web3 technology, making it accessible to everyone, and leveraging the widespread use of mobile technology. To achieve this, a fully digital operator with a user-friendly app-based interface is being launched, ensuring a seamless and entirely digital experience for users. This initiative is supported by strong allies,

facilitating the adoption of Web3 technology and extending its benefits to a broader audience. 

The collaboration with T-Mobile US enables competitive pricing and access to the fastest and largest  5G network in the United States. Integrating top-notch features developed by the renowned  Hashgraph Association, such as digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, and digital collectibles into the mobile service app is paramount. Users will have the chance to earn rewards and engage in this ecosystem, preparing for the next iteration of the internet. 

What is the offering? 

When it comes to pricing plans, the focus is on being price-sensitive and competitive while ensuring access to the best network, a crucial aspect of the telco service. fliggs mobile is positioned 30% - 40%  below other national network operators while offering up to 10% cashback every month. The product is “app-first,” providing users with a radically simplified wireless experience. Incorporating digital identity verification (KYC), secure transactions of digital assets, and digital IDs to safeguard 

data in the digital realm enables the most robust data privacy and security standards in the industry.  Additionally, offering a versatile wallet with various functionalities is part of fliggs mobile's comprehensive approach. Users have the ability to earn and utilize cryptocurrencies, pay for plans,  and engage in different social activities, including social and environmental support through donations, within this expansive ecosystem. fliggs mobile's primary focus is on entering the US  market, with a strong emphasis on digitization. The transition to a fully digital approach is paramount for the company.

Why the US market? 

For fliggs mobile, the US market represents a significant opportunity, accounting for 34% of global revenues in Web3. Despite the challenges, such as being a small startup, they secured the necessary partnerships to navigate this venture successfully. Price disparities in the US market present an opportunity, as major operators often charge exorbitant prices, leading to overspending by consumers unaware of more economical alternatives. While it's a bold step forward, with some skeptics, the fliggs mobile team is confident in their vision and is ready to be pioneers in this new frontier. 

What’s next? 

In the midst of ramping up operations, the company acknowledges its reliance on partnerships due to the vast scope of its endeavors. Moflix serves as a crucial technology provider for the telecommunications sector, while Hedera Hashgraph provides invaluable support in navigating the complexities of Web3. The company's adaptable approach extends beyond the confines of any single market, with a vision to expand into various regions. While the initial focus lies on the United States,  other countries present promising opportunities, particularly those demonstrating high prices,  ongoing market dynamics, and a robust Web3 presence.

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