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How to revolutionise your offering and service

Five world-renowned experts provide insight into how to revolutionise your offering to offer your customers the service they are craving.

Make it 100% hassle free

Today, we have customers who want to do things for themselves, which means that their journeys have to be not just fully digital but also exceptional. They need to be hassle free the whole way because if it’s not, then they will want to talk to someone, which means forcing a switch in their behaviour.

When we started, we designed something like 240 customer journeys. We looked at all of the different interactions within these, what the different needs would be and how to make them digital end-to-end – because if they weren’t, there was no value in them and the whole purpose from the end user perspective would just get ruined. Digitalising the backend to support has also been key for us.

Martina Klingvall, CEO, Telness

Learn lessons around legacy

I want to focus on the big advantage that we have over MNOs and that is that we don’t have their legacy. If you talk to IT people in MNOs, they’ll tell you it’s crazy how much legacy they have to deal with. This means that if we want to move into digitisation, we can do so a lot faster than MNOs. But what I’ve learnt is that there’s nothing more difficult than making things simple, and the whole digitisation process is quite hard. This is why it’s crucial to get insights from people who really understand simplicity in this space. Simplicity is, in my opinion, the most important part of this process.

Frank Bekkers, CEO, Mobile Vikings

Perfect the art of personalisation

“What is key for me is focusing on what really differentiates your experience. This includes the plans you put out, your journey and how simple you’re making it, how well you manage your infrastructure and the ideas that you have. It’s about how you make the most of your data insights, and by this I mean personalisation. With these, you have the opportunity to say, “Hey Danielle, I’ve noticed you’ve been looking at Netflix more often. Did you know that we have a deal with Netflix and we can change your plan to bundle that in?” Or, “I noticed you just went to Spain and that you’re travelling a lot right now – here’s some data.” You can access all this information about where people are going, how they are using the network etc – and these can provide personalised insights that make customers go in and get better deals.”

Danielle Royston, CEO and Founder, TelcoDR & Acting CEO, Totogi

If it’s not simple, shelve it

“When we built our native digital experience, we didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but we did take inspirations. We looked at Spotify, Away and Lemonade Insurance – then sought to create experiences for the end user. We had very strict design KPIs and at times stayed non-competitive to others because we couldn’t simplify something.

“For example, we had this vision of building Roam Like Home from the US when you travel abroad. So, if you have a $30 plan and you go to Europe or you go to Asia, you just use your $30 plan. The way to do that was to use the local eSIM in the local country so that you’re on a local tariff. We tested it and built the backend for it. We spent maybe 10, 11 months building the whole solution out and it was working great. But we realised that it wasn’t that simple. Things were certainly taking more than just three clicks. So we shelved it. It’s there, it’s built, we made the investment – but we never launched because we couldn’t simplify it. And if it’s not simple but is in fact clunky we’re just not going to put it out.”

Harjot Singh, CEO, Reach Mobile

Identify and innovate

“Nubank led the charge with banking in LATAM because they reinvented the entire experience – that’s why the bank became so popular. We need to bring telco to that level. Let’s look at balances – people should be able to see what theirs is in real time. You should be able to open an app, push a button and get this information. But it was actually taking 48 hours. That’s like something from 25 years ago that’s not been

replaced. These are the opportunities where MNVOs can innovate and really raise the bar.”

Nicolas Girard, Founder & CEO, Oxio

Key takeaway: Simplify, simplify, simplify!

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