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Seven trends and strategies for IoT success

Do you know what to pay attention to when planning for IoT?

1. Covid vastly accelerated IoT trends that were already underway – and you need to stay on top of this trend. In 2021 alone, it is expected that the global number of connected IoT devices will grow 9%, to 12.3 billion active endpoints. By 2025, it’s thought there will be more than 27 billion IoT connections .

2. The dynamics between MNOs and MVNOs are changing – this will provide an abundance of opportunities that MVNOs must seize and harness.

3. “We’re witnessing 2G and 3G switch offs around the world, which means that in order to exist in an established end-to-end basis, operators need to find new SIMs, and new types of connectivity,” Oliver Potter, Director of IoT, Truphone, UK.

4. Instead of B2B or B2C, think human to human. This will help break down the barriers to a successful strategy.

5. Spend time assessing if your customers are truly ready for IoT – as this will save you time and money in the long run.

6. Pay close attention to verticals, and how they are accelerating, especially in a post-Covid world. Specialisation will be key in the future.

7.Question everything and consider closely how IoT can help you and your customers add more value.

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