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Unlocking MVNO Potential

Role of SaaS Solutions for Sustainable Growth of MVNOs

MVNO Nation speaks to Seshan Krishnamurti, VP Sales – Africa, and Santhosh Lagishetty, VP - Product at Covalense Digital Solutions about MVNO potential and the role of SaaS solutions for sustainable growth.

Watch this video interview to learn about:

Business perspective:

  • The role of SaaS solutions in fostering growth opportunities for MVNOs

  • How SaaS solutions can support startup MVNOs

  • Leveraging SaaS to enhance operational efficiency and integrate with existing systems for established MVNOs


Technology, Architecture & Product perspective:

  • Unique attributes that set SaaS solutions apart from traditional BSS/OSS systems

  • Key components to consider when choosing and implementing SaaS solutions for operational MVNOs with pre-existing commitments

  • Detailed explanation of a real-world use case

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