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Who can enter?

These awards are open to all MVNOs globally, MNO MVNO sub-brands and service providers providing products and services to MVNOs.


Nominate yourself! Nominations are encouraged to be entered directly by the nominees (MVNO, MNO, solution provider) and/or by 3rd party PR/communications/marketing agencies with the nominee’s input and consent.


How do I nominate?

Using the nomination link provided, each candidate can be nominated for a maximum of two categories. If subsequent nominations are received, the nominee will be contacted to select their two preferred categories.


Please select the most relevant category for you and your company. Each category has its own dedicated form and questions. 


All categories along with supporting criteria can be found here: (add link to category page)


Tips on writing a winning submission 
  1. Review the category criteria carefully to understand what the judges are looking for in each category. 

  2. Focus on the business’s performance, results and/or impact.

  3. The more evidence and stats you can provide, the better your chances of being shortlisted. You are encouraged to attach or include links to work or websites that are relevant and support your submission.

  4. Make full use of the word count allocated for each question of the submission form. Your submission total should not exceed 700 words / 3,500 characters. Any information beyond this word count will not be considered.

  5. Ensure all links work and will continue to work for 6 months after submission.


Who judges the submissions?

We are delighted to welcome industry experts and global ambassadors to this year’s judging panel. Our judges will consider each nomination, select our shortlist (Top 3) and vote on the first (winners) and second (runner-up) choice for each category.


The judges reserve the right to re-categorise entries if they think another category would be more suitable. However, they cannot be expected to routinely re-categorise incorrectly entered projects. Please review each category and the criteria carefully.


Alongside the judge results, our global MVNO community has the exciting opportunity to cast their votes for the MVNOs, offerings and solutions of choice. This will take place once the shortlist is announced in September. 


Voting will be limited to one vote per email address entered and the nominees are not allowed to vote for themselves.


All the results will be tallied up once voting has closed and combined with the judges’ results in the final decision-making process.


Rules of entry

Any entry may be withdrawn for any reason up until the shortlist is released (September 2024) upon written request to the organisers.


Sponsors are not permitted to enter a category that they are sponsoring.


We will never use any information without your permission/consent as all submissions are treated with the strictest confidence. 


Submission information will not be posted or shared publicly and will only be reviewed by the judging panel and MVNO Nation Awards Team.


Should your submission be shortlisted, you will be asked to provide a short summary (excluding sensitive company information) in a written or video format to be shared with our global MVNO community for a public vote. These votes will be combined with the judge votes to select our 2024 winners.


What is the involved cost?

There is no cost to enter a submission for the awards.


There is a separate cost to attend the event and awards ceremony for service providers. Attendance is optional for all nominees and shortlistees.


If I can’t attend the ceremony, will this impact my chances of winning?

No, this will not impact your chances of winning at all. 


We do, however, encourage you to attend the event with your team as it is an excellent networking opportunity and we would love to celebrate with you in person!


If you are unable to attend, and should you win, you are welcome to ask someone to accept the award on your behalf (subject to approval by MVNO Nation). If this is not possible, you will be contacted to share your postal address and your award will be sent to you post-event.


Who shall I contact if I have any more questions?

If you need any further assistance, please contact us via email: 


When is the deadline for nominations?

Nominations for the MVNO Nation Live – 2024 Awards - will close on Friday, 28th June.


Will nominees be included on the 2024 conference agenda?

The MVNO Nation Team may reach out to shortlisted nominees to request interview follow-ups for case study content and/or to include you in the 2024 agenda. 


Spaces are limited and are available at the discretion of the conference content production team. If you are interested in being included in the 2024 agenda, please contact:


When will the shortlist and winners be announced?

The shortlist will be announced via email and across our social media channels in September 2024.


The shortlist will also be available on the dedicated MVNO Nation Awards page.


Winners will be announced at the MVNO Nation Live event in Valencia, Spain, on the 6-8th of November 2024.


I’m interested in sponsoring or being a media partner for the Awards

We’re thrilled you’re interested in supporting the MVNO Nation 2024 Awards!


For more information on sponsorship opportunities and packages, please contact our dedicated sponsorship team:


For media partnership opportunities, please email:


We look forward to hearing from you!

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